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Tips and Tricks for projects - Or how to successfully implement your project idea

Do you have any questions on how to go about specific aspects of the implementation of your project idea? How to get a letter of support from your local administration or to make a budget? Ask here!

If you have some knowledge you would like to share about some best and worst practives regarding your projects, this is the place! Any tips on how to write a specific funding application? Some cooperation methods that worked particularly well? An easy trick to get to your target audience or to increase visibility? Share it here!


for collective action and organizational development

This is a Toolkit for capacity building. It aims to support actors who are facilitating organizational development in initiatives, civil society organizations or informal groups who want to develop their working structures to act, collaborate and create impact in times of complexity and uncertainty.

It is made to work with a team of an organization, initiative, or an informal group and gives the possibility to explore and work on a real capacity building need of your organization or group.

There are a million different challenges organizations may face. This Toolbox focuses on 13 selected themes, which deal with some of the most frequent challenges of civil society organizations in Turkey and Greece. In order to prioritize which theme(s) to work on, your team can use the Toolbox to find your specific capacity building need.